Documentary film about Olgerd Bochkovsky presented in Kyiv

March 14, 2019

In the National Museum "Holodomor Victims Memorial" a documentary film "Olgerd Bochkovsky. The eternal spark of a burning bonfire of national consciousness" was shown. 

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The All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy is a public organization whose activities are concentrated in various regions of Ukraine, in particular in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv and other regions. Due to this and active work of the founders of the Forum, educational and cultural events are constantly being implemented.

The purpose of the Forum is to support and protect the interests of peoples, communities, groups of individuals in social, business, cultural and ethnic spheres and promote the development of the media market in Ukraine.

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Ukrainian Cinema Days

From December 23 to December 24, 2018, the NGO "All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy", with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine on Cinema, People's Deputy of Ukraine Mykola K...

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The script of the movie "Vincenz"

"Demforum" finished work on creating a script of the feature film of the biography "Vincenz". The film was tell about the author of the unique Hutsul epic "On a High Polonyna" by...

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The film about Olgerd Bochkovsky

The film about Olgerd Bochkovsky is a story of one of many representatives of the Ukrainian elites known in the scientific circles of the world, but "erased" from the memory of h...

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Discussion talk show 2018

Discussion talk show takes place in the studio and is the continuation of a public debate on a live broadcast with a long history. The essence of the project is the discussion of...

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Via Carpatia

From June 23rd to 30th in the village of Kryvorivna in the Carpathians, the First International Forum of Eastern and Central Europe Via Carpatia will take place. For participants...

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Information East of Ukraine

With the support of the Canadian Embassy, offices in Kramatorsk, Severodonetsk and Kharkiv were opened that conduct journalistic investigations and collect real facts and history...

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Discussion talk show

The American Embassy in Ukraine has supported the Forum’s initiative to create a series of journalistic investigations on relevant Ukrainian issues related to corruption, reforms...

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