All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy is a public organization. The Forum’s activities are concentrated in various regions of Ukraine, in particular in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Donetsk, Kharkiv and other regions.

A public organization has friendly relationship with media companies (Espresso TV, espreso.tv, UA / TV and others). Due to this and active work of the founders of the Forum, educational and cultural events are constantly being implemented. As a result, the film festivals dedicated to the memory of outstanding Ukrainian directors and actors, in the Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast have been taking place for several years already. It was here that many famous films were filmed, which became the business card of Ukraine. Thanks to the work of the public organization, several manor museums were opened, which collected unique pieces of folk art that were involved in the filming of films.

The purpose of the Forum is to support and protect the interests of peoples, communities, groups of individuals in social, business, cultural and ethnic spheres and promote the development of the media market in Ukraine.

The forum has a successful history of partnership with foreign donors. So in 2015, for the money of the Canadian Embassy, ​​ correspondent offices were opened in Kramatorsk, Severodonetsk and Kharkiv, which carried out journalistic investigations, collected real facts and history of the front-line regions. Filmed video footage was received by all interested persons. Despite the end of funding by the embassy at the end of 2015, the correspondent offices exist and continue to work.

In 2016, the US Embassy in Ukraine supported the Forum’s initiative to create a series of journalistic investigations on relevant Ukrainian issues related to corruption, reforms, and improvement of the business climate in Ukraine. Due to the funds provided, the well-known Ukrainian journalist Vitaliy Portnikov created a successful political talk show, which today has a significant interest among Ukrainians.

n 2017, the Forum gained the support of regional partners, which allows them to independently, or in partnership, sponsor such events with the support of mass media:

  • conducting trainings for local mass media with the involvement of media experts;
  • Individual consultations for editors and journalists for improving their professional level;
  • traineeship of representatives of local mass media in leading national media (Kyiv), which are guided by anti-corruption investigations, protection of citizens’ rights, control over the implementation of the budget of local authorities;
  • trainings for NGOs and charitable foundations to obtain investigative and control skills at the local (their) level;
  • round tables with online broadcasting and the possibility of online voting on the problems of individual regions or cities of Ukraine.

For the development of ethnic culture and popularization of forgotten historical places, we propose the launch of a non-state regional cultural program of three blocks:

  1. the creation of manor-museums in historically or culturally significant cities throughout Ukraine;
  2. creation of an Internet resource that will tell about the mentioned and similar interesting cities of regional and all-Ukrainian scale;
  3. revival of the Ukrainian book and popularization of Ukrainian-language translations by well-known authors (one of the partners of this project may be the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance where the KGB archives are kept).


  • Mykola Kniazhytskyi;
  • Oleksandr Omelchuk;
  • Vitaly Portnikov;
  • Checherinda Yegor.



Mykola Pasko - image


— Chairman of the Board

Vitalii Portnikov - image


— Deputy Chairman of the Board

Mykola Typusyak - image


— Deputy Chairman of the Board