Who are we

We are a public organization "All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy" (DEMFORUM), which operates in promoting the comprehensive development of Ukrainian culture, international cooperation in the field of culture and intercultural dialogue, the development of the media environment in Ukraine, professional skills of journalists, enhancement of quality content, promotion creation of conditions for the satisfaction and protection of the legal, social, creative, national-cultural, economic, legal and other interests of its members, etc.

For this purpose, we organize and conduct various activities, including trainings, internships, seminars, round tables, discussions, forums, conferences in the cultural and media spheres, cooperate with Ukrainian, foreign and international organizations, donor organizations and grantors, state authorities and local self-government, associations of citizens.

Our history

Public organization "All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy" (NGO "DEMFORUM") is a public (non-governmental) nonprofit organization, registered in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine in February 2013.

From the very beginning of our activity, we aimed to support and protect the interests of our members and society in various fields. Actively pursued the development of the media market in Ukraine. Thanks to our media partnerships (Espresso TV and others), contacts in the regions and the active position of our founders took part in and implemented projects in various media, culture and other fields.

For details, see the PROJECTS section.


Demforum is an independent public organization that conducts effective activities in strategic areas for media, culture, democracy, reform, and regional development, independently and in partnership with other Ukrainian, foreign and international organizations, state authorities and local self-government bodies, associations of citizens, makes efforts to achieve the planned results.

Demforum sees Ukraine as an independent, democratic, legal European state with a developed civil society, a high level of culture, modern and free media.


Mission of NGO "DEMFORUM"  is to support and protect the interests of communities and individual groups in social, business and cultural spheres, and promote the development of the media market in Ukraine, which will contribute to the construction and development of Ukraine as a democratic, legal, European state.


  • professionalism;
  • impeccable reputation;
  • responsibility;
  • apolitical;
  • openness;
  • performance;
  • democracy;
  • protection of the rights and freedoms of everyone, regardless of social status, religion, gender);
  • respect for personality.

Areas of activity

The organizational structure

Organizational structure - chart

Our achievements

From the very beginning of its activities, NGO "Demforum" was aimed at supporting and protecting the interests of its members and society in various fields, as well as promoting the development of the media market in Ukraine. Through a partnership with media (Espreso TV and other), contacts in the region and the active position of the founders of the NGO participated in various events in the media, cultural and other spheres.

In 2015 - with funding from the Canadian Embassy organized offices in Kramatorsk, Severodonetsk, and Kharkiv, which conducted the investigative and collected facts and history frontline areas. As a result, video and audio footage was recorded, which was transmitted to all interested in the media. These offices exist and continue to work.

In 2016 - US Embassy in Ukraine supported the initiative to create a series of specialized journalistic investigations on relevant topics for Ukraine related to corruption reforms, improving the business climate in Ukraine. This work became the basis for the organization of 5 live broadcasts within the framework of the already existing project "Discussion talk show "Vitaliy Portnikov Political Club". The cycle of programs had positive results and achieved the goal - to bring professional people to dialogue, to give the maximum number of people to get to know the problems and hear about the actions of the government and people's deputies of Ukraine. The talk continues to be broadcast on Espero TV channel.

In 2018, NGO "Demforum" began a new phase of its activity, significantly increasing its activity in the priority areas.

In 2018 - NGO "Demforum" was one of the initiators and co-organizers of the International Forum of Eastern and Central Europe Via Carpatia - large-scale international event in Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region, which combines festivals, film screenings, concerts and an international conference on economic , infrastructure, ecological and tourist development of the Carpathian region.

In 2018 - with the financial support of the US Embassy and assistance of the NGO "Demforum" on the air of the TV channel Espreso came the programs of Vitaliy Portnikov.

In 2018 - with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, a television film "Olgerd Bochkovsky. The eternal spark of a burning bonfire of national consciousness" was filmed - the story of one of many representatives of the Ukrainian elites known in the scientific circles of the world, but "erased" from the memory of his people.

In 2018 - with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation a scenario of the feature film "Vincenz" was created about the author of the unique Hutsul epic "On a High Polonyna" - Stanislav Vincenz.

In 2018 - with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation an international project was launched to create the concept of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue named after Stanislav Vincenz in Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region.

In 2018 - with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine on Cinema, People's Deputy of Ukraine Mykola Knyazhitsky and other partners, the event "Days of Ukrainian Cinema in Verkhovyna" was held, aimed at enabling residents of the region to get acquainted with modern high-quality Ukrainian cinema and popularize national cinema.


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— Chairman of the Board

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— Deputy Chairman of the Board

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— Deputy Chairman of the Board