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The purpose of the action is to call on all Ukrainians to prepare for the Flag Day (August 23) and the Independence Day of Ukraine, taking care to decorate the space around them with the colors of the national flag.
The action was first held and initiated by the Espreso TV channel in 2017.

For three years the partners and participants of the action were: Kraina FM radio, Gazeta po Ukrainski, the national scout organization of Ukraine "Plast", famous singers, writers, public figures, diplomats (Alexander Shcherba, Lev Zakharchyshyn, Maria Burmaka, Oleksandr Polozhynsky, Valery Kharchyshyn (second river), Serhiy Zhadan, Irma Vitkovska, Karna band, Viktor Pavlik, Tonya Matvienko, Arsen Mirzoyan, Ivan Lenyo, Gadyukiny Brothers, Andzelika Rudnytska, Foma, Khorea Kozatska, Nelya Kukovalska, Bohdan Strutynsky).


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