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Discussion talk show “Vitaliy Portnikov’s Political Club” is the continuation of public debates with a rich history, aired live. The core of the project is the discussion of burning issues related to the reforms, politics, and economy of Ukraine with the participation of guests (specialists/experts).

In recent years, the Ukrainian government has initiated many significant reforms (in particular, medical, educational, and decentralization). Many local government officials, regional media and the population merely do not understand the essence of reforms. The project aimed to provide objective and alternative information for the people of Ukraine living in the Western, Central and Eastern regions, and to help alleviate tensions arising from differences of opinion among the regions through the exchange of information, improvement of communication channels, countering anti-Ukrainian propaganda and biased media. The project also helped to bring accurate and relevant information on specific topics to the notice of all Ukrainians. The goal of the project to inform the population of Ukraine was achieved thanks to the relevance of selected topics, high professionalism of the crew and the editors, and the ability to watch all episodes of the program for free at any time.


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