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On Tuesday, January 27, a lecture by Vitaliy Portnikov will be held at the Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus within the framework of the project “Fourth Power: Impact, Challenges, Responsibility”

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This is stated in the relevant decree #946/2019, dated December 24, 2019, which was published on the website of the President of Ukraine.

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On Sunday, December 22, the TV version of Vitaliy Portnikov's lecture, which took place on November 12 in the Dnipro, will take place on the Espreso channel.

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On 11 of December, the book award ceremony of the "Espreso. Readers' Choice 2019" was held. More about the event in the material below.

The winners of the book award "Espreso. Reader's Choose 2019" have become known. The winners were determined by readers by voting in libraries all over Ukraine.

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On Sunday, 8 of December, the TV version of Vitaly Portnikov's lecture in the Kharkiv, took place on the Espreso channel.

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On Sunday, December 8, the television version of the lecture of Vitaliy Portnikov, which took place in Kharkiv on November 11, will premiere on the Espreso channel.

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The Polish Book Institute supported the initiative of NGO "All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy" and provided funding to the publishing house "Lileya-NV" for the implementation of the Ukrainian translation of Stanislav Vincenz's second part of the work "On the High Polonyna" - "New Times", book 1 - "Zvada". The second part, like the first, will be translated by the prominent translator and writer, Joseph Conrad Prize winner Taras Prokhasko.

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Open lectures of Ukrainian journalist and publicist Vitaliy Portnikov were held in Kharkiv and Dnipro, as part of the project Fourth Power: Influence, Challenges, Responsibility.

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On Sunday, November 10, the TV version of the Vitaliy Portnikov's lecture took place on the Espreso channel.