Noriko Yanagisawa - image

NGO "Demforum" is organizing a three-week exhibition of works by Japanese artist Norikо Yanagisawa. Within the framework of the exhibition, about 60 works will be displayed in the format of the "block print" exhibition. The subjects of the works that will be exhibited are people in the tragedy of a nuclear accident. 

Yanagisawa Norikо studied at Hayashi Takeshi and Komay Tetsuro at the Tokyo University of the Arts. Her representative works are copper-plaque prints, paintings drawn with the use of Chinese ink, charcoal, stone pigment, combined in collage. Her works consist of "fragments", which are collected by her, and related to nature and man, primitive culture and modern civilization, animistic elements. They become a metaphor or mass media, and works become like verses. In recent years, Ms. Yanagisava Noriko has exhibitions in native Japan, and for example in Portugal, Romania, Israel, Bangladesh, etc.


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