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The campaign in support of the fighters is dedicated to the Defender’s Day, which is celebrated on October 14 in Ukraine, and has been held since 2017. Its main goal is for every citizen to thank the military, activists and volunteers who protect Ukrainian lands both in the East and behind the lines.

We challenge Ukrainians to remember our protectors and conveniently thank them. It’s very simple to join the campaign: by October 14, write a thank you post or record a video with the hashtag #ThankyouDefendersofUkraine. We will show the best videos at Espreso TV Channel (media sponsor of the campaign). You can also add a frame to your page profile picture on Facebook with symbols "Thank you, Defenders of Ukraine". Let all defenders of Ukraine feel gratitude and respect of those whom they defend!

We express our heartfelt gratefulness to the fighters for their incredible heroism and courage.


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