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The film about Olgerd Bochkovsky is a story of one of many representatives of the Ukrainian elite admired in the academic circles of the world, but "erased" from the memory of his people. 

The main idea of the film is to illustrate the contribution of Olgerd Ippolit Bochkovsky to the study of the processes of the formation and development of modern nations, the analysis of the process of establishment of nations in Europe, Asia, Africa, both Americas and even Australia, by recognised experts. Bochkovsky was the advocate of the Ukrainian matter in the world and actively opposed Soviet propaganda. During the Holodomor of 1932-1933, Bochkovsky headed the Committee for the Relief of Starving in Ukraine. In Europe, he is recognised as one of the leading experts in the theory of nation and national relations of the first half of the twentieth century. In Ukraine, his figure and academic achievements are rather unknown. Now, in the process of establishing a national identity and European affiliation, these issues are extremely important for Ukraine.

The basis for the creation of the film was the 2018 edition of the Selected Works and Documents of Olgerd Bochkovskiy (“Dukh and Litera” Publishing). In addition to the elaboration of biographers, journalists will meet respected experts, visit archives and the place where the hero was born and worked to record testimonies. The footage will be carried out in the village of Dolynske (Kherson oblast), Kyiv, Dnipro, as well as in the Czech Republic (Prague and Podebrada).

DEMFORUM has involved scientific experts to cooperate: journalist, historian, Member of the Strategic Group of Advisers under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Myroslav Chekh, Professor Yaroslav Hrytsak, Professor at the University of Warsaw and compiler of the multi-volume edition of Selected Works and Documents Olia Hnatyuk, and other members of the editorial board of the series "Ukraine. Europe: 1921-1939": Roman Vysotskyi, Mark von Gagen, Ihor Halahida, Andrea Graziosi, Oleksandr Zaitsev, Serhii Plokhia, Victor Rybchuk, Frank Sysyn, and Yurii Shapoval.

During the shooting, many archival documents, scientific works, chronicles, as well as filming of the main events in the life of the hero of the movie, and unique testimonies of contemporaries will be involved. The film will have profound historical and cultural value.

The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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