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From June 23rd to 30th, the First International Forum of Eastern and Central Europe Via Carpatia was held in the Carpathian Mountains in Kryvorivna. During the Forum participants and guests waited for a rich cultural, intellectual and entertainment program, namely:

International Conference "Circle of Vincenz: The Future of the Carpathians"

Within the framework of the first International Conference "Circle of Vincenza: The Future of the Carpathians", which took place on June 26-27, important issues of creating a favorable climate for the development of the economic, infrastructural, ecological and tourist potential of the Carpathian region were discussed. The topics of panel discussions were:

  • constitutional democracy, economic models of agricultural development in mountainous regions,
  • tourism as a factor of economic development of the Carpathian region,
  • infrastructure projects
  • ecosystem, nature reserves of the Carpathians,
  • innovation for the development of the region,
  • the legacy of Vincent: the culture of mountain nations as a driver of regional development.

In addition, the conference "All-Ukrainian Democratic Forum" took place Via Carpatia. Infrastructure projects are the way to unite the countries of the Carpathian macro region, in which it was about the ecology of the Carpathians and tourism in mountainous regions.

In total, during the conference, there were 12 panel discussions, round table and master classes, with speakers of more than 50 representatives of the Ukrainian and European community of politicians, intellectuals, diplomats, public and cultural figures.

In particular, the conference was attended by ministers, parliamentarians, regional leaders and foreign government officials from Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia.

The conference ended with the award of the Stanislav Vintsens Prize for Humanitarian Service for the Development of the Regions. It was received by Myroslav Marinovich - Ukrainian human rights activist, journalist, religious scholar, member of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group, organizer of the amnesty movement in Ukraine, vice-rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv.

Cinemaforum Transcarpatia

Throughout the Forum, Via Carpatia will feature screenings of national cinema, Ukraine's co-production with other countries, foreign cinema and retrospective films from 23 to 25 June. In general, visitors saw more than 25 movies.

With the support of the State Agency of Ukraine on Cinema, featured contemporary Ukrainian films: Strygolov, Propitious, Izi, Mezha, Word House, Stolen Princess and Tale of Progress.

Also, in collaboration with the Arthaus Traffic Artists Association, there were exhibitions of paintings that received recognition and highest awards at international festivals: "Young Godard", "Murder of the Holy Deer", "Square", "Body and soul", "For that Hope", "Level of Black", "The Process (Russia vs. Sentsova)", "School No. 3", "Franz", "Lumiere!", "How are you mad", "She", "Juliet", "Victoria", "Depan".

Polonyna summer

June 24 in the Zapidok tract, in the village of. Upper Yaseniv Verkhovyna district, the folk Hutsul action "Polonin's Summer 2018" took place, which took place within the framework of the First International Forum of Cultures in Eastern and Central Europe "VIA CARPATIA: The Path from the Baltic to the Mediterranean". Attended the festival about 15 thousand guests.

The event has traditionally begun with inflammation of Polonin's wart. The highlight of the holiday was the establishment of a national record for the simultaneous play of drimby, when about 100 participants of the festival together performed folk melodies. During the festival there were Hutsul heroic games, a concert program with the participation of creative teams from Ukraine and abroad. In total, more than 150 artists performed on stage. In addition, the guests had the opportunity to enjoy traditional Hutsul dishes, to buy products of local folk craftsmen.

Marathon "Summer Capital"

From 28 to 30 June on the Carpatia scene, in the village of Kryvorivnya, the Marathon "Summer Capital" continued. As part of the marathon, about 30 contemporary Ukrainian and foreign artists performed on stage to support the preservation and development of the cultural potential of the region.

The idea of the marathon has a historical background, because the village of Kryvorivna has long been a favorite place for recreation of the Ukrainian intelligentsia. In this unique village of Verkhovyna district at one time, outstanding Ukrainians were spending their summer holidays. For twelve years Ivan Franko, Mykhailo Hrushevsky, Lesja Ukrainka, artist Ivan Trush lived there. In the Kryvoriv district, theater was created by Hnat Khotkevych. In this area Parajanov shot "Shadows of forgotten ancestors". Every nation has such a place where it is pleasant to stay in the summer. For Ukrainians, Kryvorivnya was the place.

Sounds of Carpatia

The festival of music and art "Sounds of CARPATIA" - the festival of music and arts, which took place from June 23 to 30 with the participation of contemporary Ukrainian and European stars: Christina Solova, Oleg Skripka & Le Grand Orchestra, Maria Burmaka, Anzhelika Rudnitskaya, "Mandry", "Crying Jeremiah", "TARAKA", "KOZAK SYSTEM", "DZ'OB", "NAKED", "Drum & Tuba Band", "Sun Groove", Gurt [O] and others.

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