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The purpose of the project is to create a series of 4 TV programs on the most pressing issues in the field of health care in Ukraine. This includes the issue of vaccination in Ukraine; the situation and little-known facts about COVID19; how people struggle with cardiovascular disease and diabetes; corruption in the pharmaceutical market, etc.

The authors of the programs aim to help the general public understand the issues that directly affect their health, and the most skeptical audience - to think.

Based on the results of the preliminary analysis, consultations and releases, a documentary on vaccination will be made.

The main objectives of the project:

  • Inform the public about innovations in the health care system.
  • Find out the reasons for people's distrust of vaccination and debunk the myths about the "dangers of vaccination". Communicate the threat parents pose to their unvaccinated children.
  • Stimulate society to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Find out how counterfeit medicines enter the Ukrainian market. Inform the public about how to protect yourself from counterfeiting and dishonest doctors.

The project is implemented by the All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy , which was made possible by the support of the American people through the USAID Media Program in Ukraine project, which is implemented by the international organization Internews.



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