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In 2018, the All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy NGO with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation completed the project of producing a script of the feature film "Vincenz". The authors were Ukrainian playwrights, Natalia Vorozhbit and Maksym Kurochkin. Natalia Vorozhbit is the author of the screenplay of a celebrated Ukrainian drama "Cyborgs" and the winner of the Ukrainian national film award "Golden Jigsaw" (Zolota Dzyha) in 2017.

In 2019, our team implemented a pre-production project of the forthcoming film with the assistance of the UCF: teaser, sketches of scenery were developed, location scouting carried out, and the actors tested. At the moment, the search for partners, including from the Polish side, for funding and executing the production of the feature film is underway.

The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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