Stanislav Vincenz - image

NGO "All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy" successfully passed all stages of the competition of the program "Increasing the capacity of the Ukrainian audiovisual sector" and signed a Grant Agreement with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation for the project "Pre-production of a feature film "Vincenz" #UCFsupport

The project envisages the development of an individual presentation package of feature film (logline, directorial, production vision, teaser, storyboard, explication of director, producer, and stage producer, sketch of scenery, casting of actors, list of locations, etc.).

In 2018, with #UCFsupport, a screenplay was created (the authors are famous Ukrainian screenwriters Natalia Vorozhbit and Maxim Kurochkin).

After the pre-production stage, we are planning to start shooting a full-length feature film about Stanislav Vincenz. The film will spread the ideas of intercultural dialogue, tolerance, and humanism, as well as promote Polish-Ukrainian dialogue and the realization of the European course of Ukraine.

Over the past few years, the All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy has been paying close attention to the legacy of Stanislav Vincenz as part of its strategic activities. The promotion of Stanislav Vincenz's figure as a "promoter" of Hutsulschyna and Ukraine in the world is, in our opinion, a significant factor in the development of the Ukrainian Carpathians, as a destination for travel, business and investment, as well as a positive perception of Ukraine by the European Union countries - in particular, the closest neighbors of Ukraine - Carpathian Euroregion - Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and others. Stanislav Vincenz's humanistic ideas can be a guide for modern Europeans because Vincent knew and witnessed how people of different nationalities can coexist harmoniously, and he considered the main value of tolerance and tolerance for "otherness", which is extremely relevant in the modern world.