fourth Power - photo

24th April a lecture was given by Vitaly Portnikov to National Taras Shevchenko University students from the Institute of Journalism within the framework of the project "The Fourth Power: Impact, Challenges, and Responsibility".

In the context of the project, it is planned to hold public lectures and meetings for prominent and authoritative Ukrainian journalists, as well as students planning to engage in Journalism. Prominent and competent Ukrainian journalists are participating in the project. Journalists from regional and national media, as well as students who are preparing to work as journalists, will be invited to the meeting.

An educational video product will be prepared using public lectures materials. The footage can be used in journalism curricula.

The All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy is actively seeking fundings from international and Ukrainian donors and has already submitted tender applications to the Norwegian Embassy in Ukraine. Now we are looking forward to the assessment results. However, we do not stop here and we communicate with other donors and investors, we are getting ready with applications, as the project is more than important.

The All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy is the event organizer.

Media partner - Espresso TV.

Organizational partners are the Institute of Journalism of  Taras Shevchenko National University, the Department of Applied Research of SLM.