Fourth Power - image

Tonight at 21:00 Espero TV channel is broadcasting a public lecture of a famous Ukrainian journalist and publicist Vitaly Portnikov. 

The lecture was given for National Taras Shevchenko University students from the Institute of Journalism.

This lecture has initiated the project "The Fourth Power: Impact, Challenges, Responsibility", implemented by the All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy.

In the context of the project, it is planned to hold other lectures and master classes for journalists, as well as students planning to engage in Journalism. Prominent and competent Ukrainian journalists are participating in the project.

"Fourth Power: Impact, Challenges, and Responsibility" project aim  is :

Journalists awareness of media influence on socio-political processes in Ukraine.

Understanding of state mechanism role in the country and critical thinking development in the coverage of state processes.

Cultivationof professional journalistic responsibility for the future of the country,  the Fourth Power liability.

Other well-known Ukrainian journalists will also be involved in the project.An educational video product will be prepared using public lectures materials. The footage can be used in journalism curricula.

Tonight at 21:00 Espero viewers have the opportunity to watch the first lecture of the project.