via Carpatia - photo

Within the framework of the Via Carpatia Forum in Verkhovyna, an exhibition "Sacred Colors of Hutsulshchyna" was opened. Exhibitors are from Verkhovinshchyna, married artists Nikolay and Svetlana Ribenchuk.

"The main goal, the main goal of our exhibition was the study, propaganda, distribution of large Hutsul culture. Culture is the main foundation on which the state should be built. If the state is not built on culture, then it will not have that powerful spiritual development. Culture is the source and the core on which civilization must be kept. And we are actually exploring this ancient Hutsul culture, which spans many thousands of years B.C.. We conduct scientific and artistic expeditions, investigate the history of our Carpathian mountains, write pictures from there. We want to open the world to the undeniable tradition that can change Europe and the whole world. This is very important, we must know that we are a great nation with a deep tradition and a great culture. Not we in Europe have to cling to our heads, but they must understand that there is a great tradition and a great culture here, and this is very important ",

- says Mykola Ribenchuk.