via Carpatia - photo

At the Via Carpatia Forum in the village. Verkhovyna today will be held concerts by Yuriy Andrukhovych, Sergei Zhadan, Solomiya and Taras Chubay.

The modern concert "Lithography" Yuriy Andrukhovych will perform under the accotupment of the Polish group KARBIDO. The project is entirely devoted to the old Stanislavov with his stories and legends. The text basis was the eponymous series of seven verses by Yuri Andrukhovich, who first saw the world in the second half of the 1980s and suddenly sounded updated with meaning three decades later.

The project of Solomiya Chubai "CHUBAJ.UKRAINE.LOVE" is the presentation of the new album by Solomiya Chubai "POTS".

Ukrainian poetry sounds like a song, and ideally lies in music. Songs on verses by Vasyl Stus, Nikolai Vigrinovsky, Pavlo Tychyna, Lesia Ukrainka, Marianna Kyanovskaya, Natalia Bilotserkivets, Izdryka, Mariana Savka, Sergei Zhadana, and the incredible "Vertep" by Gritska Chubaya, creating links between generations, a bridge from the nineteenth century . until the XXI century, will be performed by Solomiya Chubai - daughter of a poet with groups "Jalapita" and ROCKOKO accompanied by the symphony orchestra "INSO-Lviv".

Complete the presentation of the project by Taras Chubay with "Crying Jeremiah".

Son of Gritska Chubaya, 16 years old, writes music to his father's words, his most famous composition is "When To Your Lips".

Big musical poems "Reconnaissance", "Light and Confession" will sound in the mountains with a new thrill.