The winners of the book award "Espreso. Reader's Choose 2019" have become known. The winners were determined by readers by voting in libraries all over Ukraine.

In the Best Book for Children and Adolescents category, won the "The Flock" by Anastasia Nikulina (Vivat, 2018).

Among the adult books, readers preferred "Behind the Back" by Gaska Shiyan (Fabula, 2019).

The finals of the children's book contest were:

  • "The Child of the Pesigolovtsi", Vladimir Arenev (ACCA Publishing House);
  • "The Flock", Anastasia Nikulina (Vivat Publishing House);
  • "Arctic Apiary", Alexander Dermansky (Ranok Publishing House).

Of adults:

  • "Silent Phonetics" (Selected Works, Volume 1), Ivan Andrusyak (NK-Bogdan Publishing House);
  • "Behind the Back," by Gaska Shiyan (Fabula Publishing House);
  • "Brotherhood", Oleg Khristopa (Vavylonsʹka Library Publishing House).