The 4th season of the Book Award "Espreso. Readers' choice" has started. Applications for participation began on June 1.

This year's innovation is a nomination for the best literature for teenagers. Initially, publishers submit their new works for participation. To submit proposals for books to participate in the award, you need to fill out an electronic form. Next - the organizing committee checks the applications for compliance. At the next stage - the expert jury forms a list of favorites.

“I approach it from the point of view of innovative style, harmony of style and content. Relevance of the topic, readability, because the mass reader should read a light book on complex topics",

- commented the literary critic, expert of the award "Espreso. Readers' Choice" Nina Golovchenko.

After the work of experts, 3 finalist books from each nomination are sent to libraries - more than 275 in all parts of Ukraine, except for the occupied parts. There, readers give a final assessment of the literature.

"What I really like, in fact, in the award "Espreso. Readers' Choice" that it was a vote in libraries. And, in fact, readers made the final choice of 3 books that made it to the finals."

- stressed the writer Gaska Shiyan.

Writer Gaska Shiyan won the award last year with the novel "Behind the Back" - about the fate of his military wife.

Shiyan added:

"Since the book is quite sharp and in a sense provocative, I was rather waiting for some negative feedback. Negative reaction. I did not expect that there would be prizes, awards. And, in fact, it was very pleasant and very important for me in the sense that I realized that the Ukrainian reader and the Ukrainian literary environment is ripe to discuss and speak on this topic."

Ukrainian writers can apply for the "Espreso. Readers' Choice" throughout June.

The requirements are as follows: the book must be published in the last year and must be in Ukrainian. Among the nominations for the award - literature for children, teenagers and adults.

Espreso TV and NGO Demforum established the 2017 award to support Ukrainians' interest in reading.

"Espreso audiences are cultured, intelligent, educated people. The cultural layer of the Ukrainian book is also important for them. They share our values, the values ​​of the TV channel. Therefore, we were confident that this project would be interesting for our audience."

- summarized the communication manager of the award "Espreso. Readers' Choice" Borys Yaskovets.

This year's winners will be announced at the end of November 2020 at a solemn ceremony, as well as on the air of the Espreso TV channel and on the Espreso.TV website.

Despite the quarantine, the authors of the best literary novelties will receive their awards.