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As part of the project "Right for the Future", the All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy created the film "The Power of Fate"

The film tells the true story of a child Nastya Guzarska, who has health problems due to lack of vaccinations. This is a unique story of a girl who, as a result of her parents' refusal to vaccinate, contracted the disease of whooping cough and measles. The consequences of these diseases are impressive. At the age of two, Nastya Huzarska developed complications after measles. And by the age of four, the situation had reached such a critical level that only a heart transplant could be the girl's only salvation. A heart transplant was successfully performed in India.

The main message of the film is a touching story of a child, and how his life and his family were changed by the disease and what difficulties they faced.

The production of the tape was made possible by the support of the American people, which was provided through the USAID Media Program in Ukraine project, which is implemented by the international organization Internews.