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The American Embassy in Ukraine has supported the Forum’s initiative to create a series of journalistic investigations on relevant Ukrainian issues related to corruption, reforms, and improvement of the business climate in Ukraine. Portnikov Vitali successfully organized and made it in the form of a political talk show.


PROJECT “Discussion talk show “Vitaly Portnikov Politklub”

The project was implemented according to these estimates, the purpose, objectives and personnel that have been specified in the application to receiving financing. The only change is that there was a purpose other dates exit talk shows and as a result increase the duration of the planned measures. The reason – takes holidays at Christmas and New Year. It was impossible to predict.

Increasing wage which was from the beginning of 2017 increased the labor costs of the project (the decision of the Government and the new budget of Ukraine). Last insignificant impact on the redistribution of money among the scheduled items.

The project had positive results and achieved goals. This is confirmed by the list of invited guests and talk show ratings.

Through precise planning and professional people problems during the project arose.

REPORT of events

Under the terms of the grant was scheduled to make 5 talk show on specific topics. This was done.

Media Plan programs under a grant

  1. Reform of the Ukrainian economy, as innovative processes help their speedy implementation (25 November)

Alex Mushak, people’s deputy, BPP

Alexander Kirsch, people’s deputy, National Front

Timothy Milovanov, a member of the National Bank of Ukraine

Pavlo Kostenko, people’s deputy, Samopomich

Vladimir Dubrovsky, Senior Economist CASE Ukraine

Gleb Vyshlinsky, executive director of the Center for Economic Strategy

Dmitry Romanovich, Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade

  1. Anti-corruption programs and government transparency: introduction of e-government at the local level (December 22) + Private Bank Nationalization

Vasyl Horbal – Honorary President “Ukrgasbank”

Catherine Rozhkov – deputy head of the NBU

Leonid Antonenko – the former head of registration and licensing Rates

Basil Furman – member of the Supervisory Board of the NBU

Alexander Savchenko – former head of the NBU

Ruslan Demchak – people’s deputy, the MFP deputy. Chairman of the Committee on Financial Policy and Banking

  1. Improving the business climate and promote the development of small and medium companies. (January 19) + pension reform

Oksana Prodan, people’s deputy, BPP

Igor Popov, people’s deputy, Radical Party

Semenuha Novel, people’s deputy, Samopomich

Andrew Pawlowski, people’s deputy convocations, Motherland

Galina Tretyakov expert RPR,

Kirill Sazonov, blogger, journalist

  1. The tariff policy and energy efficiency level and consumption in the urban economy. (February 16) + economic impact of the blockade coal FSC and NPT

Roman Immortal, diplomat

Ivan Plachkov, Chairman of the Board “Kyivenergo”

Andrew Gerus, energy expert, former member NKEKP

Sergei Vysotsky, people’s deputy, National Front

Dmitry Bilotserkivets, people’s deputy, BPP

Vadim Ivchenko, people’s deputy, Batkivschyna

  1. Anti-corruption programs and government transparency: introduction of e-government at the local level (March 16)

Maxim Chicken, people’s deputy, BPP

Ruslan Sidorovich, people’s deputy, Samopomich

Yuri Birch, people’s deputy, National Front

Igor Mosiychuk. people’s deputy, Radical Party

Artem Shevchenko, Interior Ministry spokesman

Link to the video program is proof that she was, and that any person can view the replay at any time.

Impact of the project target groups persons

The main goal was to attract professional people to dialogue and to enable the maximum of people familiar with the problems and to hear about the actions of the government and deputies of Ukraine.

Rating Program confirms the interest of viewers to these topics.

Indicators talk show the current top of the Espreso TV. So, talk show more viewers than the other projects on Espreso TV


The evolution of the “Discussion talk show” Vitaly Portnikov Politklub “to obtain funding and after showing growing interest in the topics that were discussed in these programs.

Purchased equipment allowed to improve ” online ” and increase the possibility for reconsideration talk show everyone.

For the money the US Embassy was funded by one of four impressions per month. There was no need to increase staff and make some effort to improve the quality of the talk show.

In communicating with employees of the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy had no problems.

We want to continue cooperation with the Embassy of the future. The reason – the financing of social projects aimed persistent problem in Ukraine. In turn, the format of “online” broadcasting requires a lot of professionals and equipment to ensure the quality of the final result.

Despite all the difficulties talk show continues to be broadcast TV every week, so far.


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