Strong stories - photo

"Strong Stories" is a TV series of 12 programs - successful cases of formation of families of Ukrainians - parents of children with disabilities. Each issue is an example of a separate family raising a child with developmental disabilities - blind, with autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, etc. - fights for her full childhood and life - and successfully copes with this mission.

According to the project leader, journalist Iryna Koval,

"most of the families who will take part in the program are real ninjas and superheroes. Helping their own children to stand on their own two feet, they began to engage with each other and help each other - launched unique art practices, educational and training initiatives and programs that promote the development, socialization and professionalization of children and youth with disabilities, and participate as volunteers".

The project manager, cultural manager and journalist Maria Gurska, adds:

"The examples of program heroes are extremely inspiring and motivating for civil society as a whole, where mutual assistance and caring become a pillar of society and a way out of crises. Examples include the contribution of volunteers to the Revolution of Dignity, the resistance to aggression in the Russian-Ukrainian war or the fight against the KOVID-19 pandemic."

The purpose of the program is to instruct parents who face the challenge of raising a child with a disability, to promote networking of such families and to spread contacts between them, to raise tolerance and respect for "otherness" in society and to call officials to account for inclusive reforms. parenting.

The "Strong Stories" project will be available on the Espresso TV channel in September.