artist Ivan Marchuk - image

Public organization “All-Ukrainian Democratic Forum” launched an initiative to give the Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk a lifetime scholarship of the President of Ukraine.The corresponding letter was addressed to the Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevgeny Nishchuk.

“To address you, dear Eugene Mikhailovich, we were forced to ask about the conditions of residence, the work of the outstanding artist and the preservation of his creative heritage. So, despite his venerable age (in May 2016, the artist turned 80), he rises daily to the fifth floor the attic in the old building without a lift, without basic communal amenities, where his workshop is located, is not suitable for work (there is no hot water supply, proper heating, leaking roof). In such a room it becomes uncomfortable even to invite foreign colleagues who are increasingly coming to Ukraine with the same purpose – to meet with the author of world-famous masterpieces “, – the letter reads.

According to the public activists, such conditions are simply not acceptable for Ivan Marchuk’s work, since the artist creates a positive image of Ukraine in the world.

The ministry reacted very quickly to such an initiative. Noting that it is imperative to consider the candidacy for a full-time scholarship.

Now you need to apply and collect the necessary documents.

Ivan Marchuk is the winner of the Taras Shevchenko National Award, an honorary citizen of the cities of Kyiv and Ternopil, an artist Ivan Marchuk. Articles about the Ukrainian artist became the most authoritative encyclopedia of the world and his creative method “plontanizm” to the textbooks of academic artistic institutions.

During the last years, Ivan Marchuk’s paintings are constantly exhibited in the exhibition and museum premises of Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Jordan, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey, Thailand, Tunisia. In September 2016, they shocked the deputies and visitors of the European Parliament (Brussels). Everywhere are an indispensable success and admiration, recognition of the genius of the artist and the European essence of the state, which gives birth to such talents.

And this enormous work continues: now the artist is preparing for exhibitions at the Royal Cultural Center of Jordan, FolkArt Gallery in Izmir, the Museum of the Abbey in Luxembourg and continues to create new masterpieces.