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In the framework of the cinema forum of the international and national cinema "Transcarpathia" we introduce you to the films that will be shown from 23 to 25 June during the international forum "ViA Carpatia":

  1. Young Godar. France. 2017, directed by Michel Hazanavichus.
  2. Murder to the holy deer. Great Britain, Ireland. 2017, directed by Jorge Lantimoos.
  3. Square. Sweden, Germany, France and Denmark. 2017, directed by Ruban Estlund.
  4. Body and Soul. Hungary. 2017, directed by Ildico Ennedi.
  5. On the other side of hope. Finland, Germany. 2017, directed by Aki Kaurismаki.
  6. The level is black. Ukraine. 2017, directed by Valentin Vasyanovich.
  7. The process (Russia vs. Oleg Sentsov). Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic. 2017, directed by Askold Kurov.
  8. School # 3. Ukraine, Germany. 2017, directors: George Zheno and Lisa Smith.
  9. Franz. Germany and France, 2016, directed by Franzau Ozon.
  10. Lumiere! France. 2016, directors: Luis and Auguste Lumiere, Thierry Fremo.
  11. How mad. France and Italy. 2016, directed by Paolo Vidzi.
  12. She. France, Germany and Belgium. 2016, directed by Paul Verhoven.
  13. Juliet. Spain. 2016, directed by Pedro Aldomovar.
  14. Victoria. Germany. 2015, directed by Sebastian Shipper.
  15. Dylan. France. 2015, directed by Jack Odiar.