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Organizing Committee of the International Forum of Eastern and Central Europe “Via Carpathia” opens the registration for the International Conference “Circle of Vincenz: The Future of the Carpathians”. We initiate this open discussion to raise the potential economic, infrastructural, ecological and tourist development of the Carpathian region.

The international conference “Circle of Vincenz: Future of the Carpathians” will include the following panel discussions:

  • economic models of agricultural development in mountainous regions
  • the future of the EU
  • tourism as a factor in the development of the economy of the Carpathian region
  • the victories and defeats of Central European reforms: lessons for Ukraine
  • Via Carpathia. Infrastructure projects as a way to unite the countries of the Carpathian Euroregion
  • green heritage of the Carpathians: ecosystem, natural reserves, innovations for the development of the region
  • the legacy of Vincenz: the culture of mountain nations as a driver of regional development
  • information weapons in hybrid conflicts of the 21st century
  • ways to preserve the intangible cultural heritage.

The conference will be awarded the Stanislaw Vincenz Prize “For humanistic ministry and contribution to the development of regions”.

The prize is awarded to:

  • representatives of local self-government
  • representatives of NGOs
  • Leaders of opinions in various dimensions of social life

The organizers do not cover the expenses of the conference participants and are not involved in the organization of the stay. You can book your accommodation on this site.

For participation in the conference please fill out the registration form here.