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In September 2018, the public organization “All-Ukrainian Democratic Forum” began work on the creation of the Concept of the Intercultural Dialogue Center named after Stanislav Vincenz. The project is being implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The Center for the Intercultural Dialogue named after Stanislaw Vincenz should become a place where scientists, students, and local residents will meet for work, intellectual rest and study. Another task of the institution is the promotion of the ideas and heritage of the outstanding humanist and “Homer of Hutsulshchyna” by Stanislav Vincenz. The Center presents a unique exposition space, created in the light of the trends of modern European narrative museums.

The team of the All-Ukrainian Democratic Forum NGO has already invited the best experts from Eastern Europe to develop the idea of constructing the Intercultural Dialogue Center named after Stanislav Vincenz. The main editor of the Concept was Pavel Koval, Ph.D., the specialist in the modern history of the European College Natolin in Warsaw. He dictated the trend of combining history, cutting-edge technology and daring creative ideas in Polish museum science. For the first time, such an approach was used in the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising – a project that led to a revolution among Polish museums.

Ukrainian and Polish professors, scholars and journalists are invited to work on the Concept of the Center. As a result of the group’s work, a script, instructions, texts, and audiovisual content will appear, which will form the basis for the future exposition. The Vincenz Center should become a forum for dialogue on the key themes of Europe’s future, a community-oriented world, and humanistic values. Creation of the Center becomes possible thanks to the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund under the patronage of which the project is being implemented.

The total cost of the project was UAH 1.5 million, 50% of which was allocated by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

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