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On May 15-16, the Espreso TV channel will host a telemarathon dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Vasyl Stefanyk's birth. Literary critics and historians, economists and political scientists, philosophers will discuss the topics raised by Stefanyk.

In honor of the 150th anniversary of Vasyl Stefanyk, we invite you to discuss his ideas and work. Stefanyk was not only an outstanding writer, whose style and depth were among the best in Europe. He also brought up topical issues, both in his work and in articles and speeches, as a Ukrainian member of the Austrian Parliament. Over the centuries, these questions have not lost relevance, but have been transformed and sometimes received quite unexpected answers.

Telemarathon topics:

● Vasyl Stefanyk's work in European and Ukrainian contexts. Features of the writer's creative style. Creative relationships with Ivan Franko, Olga Kobylyanska, Lesya Ukrainka.

● Ukrainian emigration in the short and long term. A tragic page in Stefanyk's time or the use of an unobvious chance by Ukrainians in a totalitarian society?

● Decolonization of Ukrainian classics. How Vasyl Stefanyk, Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko and others were "Sovietized".

● Ethics and politics. Beliefs and political activity of Vasyl Stefanyk. How to combine ethical imperative with political practice?

The organizer is the public organization "All-Ukrainian Forum for Democracy".

Partners - "Ukrainian Book Institute", Scientific and Publishing Association "Spirit and Letter", Lviv Literary Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko "House of Franko".